The main objective of the AH Education Foundation (AHEF) is to provide assistance to the pupils who could not access education due to financial hardships. To start with, the pupils will be assisted in getting scholarships for their education at STARS PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL (SPPS). At a later stage, the pupils could be assisted when schooling at any place in Tanzania.


“Just one child sponsored is one more opportunity for a better future, one more chance to give a teenager the strength, courage and advice to get a good education and make a difference in the world.” AHE, CEO


AHEF seeks your assistance in sponsoring a student at STARS PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL. You can contribute for full-sponsorship or part-sponsorship to the following bank account or through M-PESA Number….


To qualify for sponsorship, a thorough analysis will be made to satisfy that the applicant is really in financial hardship. The following primary criteria will be observed:

  1. Possible support from other sources, e.g. family members.
  2. Parent’s/guardian’s ability of the applicant.

3. Amount required for sponsorship; full-sponsorship or part-sponsorship.

4. Availability of funds at AHEF.

After this stage of primary criteria to be observed, secondary criteria will follow. Among other criteria to observe includes but not limited to:

5. Birth Certificate of the applicant.

6. A proof of financial hardship (an orphan etc.)

7. Medical report of the applicant

The beneficiaries will also have responsibilities to fulfill, including attending school and passing all subjects. Their parents and other caregivers will form an integral part of the AHE Organization.

 May their stories inspire you to Change a life.


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AH Education Foundation will change you. Give you an opportunity to support the vulnerable communities abroad. Maybe even change how you live your life.
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